Tuesday, March 15, 2016


everybody's razzle dazzle
walking in the sunshine God made
admiring the flowers;

the man made landscapes
which are lovely, it is true
in all their variations, hues

their little borders
their benches by the roses
their unexpected fountains.


the goldfish gaping at clouds
and fresh mint in the yards and clover..
don't worry, we'll make bigger typos

before It's All Over
and call it the avant garde.

but God, where is He in the picture?
did you make a bench for Him near the white lilies,
the irises flaring their purple?

he must be tired after making  that
many flowers, the shadow specific to
each tree and the orchards

o the orchards. each Spring.

don't you feel a little sorry for Him
so out of the way
relegated to nothing really

barely invited to the flower party
not even in the Play,
or was He?

but we're so razzle dazzle in the sunlight
thinking the Martians came and invented it all
or something, chorused the two year olds,

made a Big Bang Back In Time
o thank you Great Big Ole Firecracker
o thank you Martian man our dinocester

or plese and thank you Mister Humongo Particle,

String Cheese Of the Unified Strawberry
Fields Forever...
long live that scene.

but Christians who think there is a God
you know, those people are just silly.
don't you think?

thinking God could feel when
He's not wanted...
thinking He cared about what He made

and wished you would just pay Him a visit
once in a while.
or send a card.


mary angela douglas 15 march 2016

P.S, Just to be clear I am very happily a Christian believer and I believe with all my heart that it is God who created the world with his own heart and mind and for our joy and the details aren't as important to know as that He did it and He did it for you for pure happiness. Be happy. Someone who put that much detail into even cabbages must know you exist and care about it.