Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Then We Hand Coloured The Stars On Sunday Afternoons

[my Father's house, on Sunday afternoons...]

then we hand coloured the stars on Sunday afternoons
in our Spring colouring books
sitting at the little card table

in the living room
while the March winds blew
in high treetops

out the picture window.
how glad I am to think of how high
on a hill that house was

and of the sound of the winds poured
out as from a cristal pitcher by God.
and a storybook version of Heidi

on a little red record
played over and over
and she is singing and wreathed with flowers

in the high mountains

and the wind is singing
oh you are well
and all the meadows are yours

and you can colour them in
if you want to
whatever crayon you choose.

mary angela douglas 15 march 2016