Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Poem Wants To Sing About Beautiful Silences

the poem wants to sing about beautiful silences
without breaking the surfaces
oh sweet impossibilities it will become a child

without these distinctions in order to
sing the silence the mother of pearl
of it the pines whitened in the winter sun

and you are the only one that breathes
this fragrance this green pining for things
unseen and asks who has sent winds

of this sheen through the silence

rustling and you want to go with them the
pine scented winds and the poem would let
this happen if it only could

but the bough breaks over the distance between
heaven and earth
and you have climbed out on it too far now

into the opulent branching of silence upon silence
into the far snows

where little twigs break off into the silver of the stars

mary angela douglas 19 march 2016