Monday, April 04, 2016

Iridescence Has A New Name

[for Marie Shine, a lovely poet]

iridescence has a new name thanks to you
the glimmer of a poem within my room
I read to myself so unbelieving something

could be this fine and still give light.
rainbows at night you said to a friend
in your poem and when I read I thought

of something beyond aurora borealis
or the necklace my sister and I ordered in the mail
the children's digest claimed would shine like

rainbows, quartz. even diamonds! so unconfined
straight out of the package
came to mind, or the prisms strung in Disney's Pollyana

that wouldn't leave our hearts for weeks we were that weak

with the beauty of it.
Thank you Marie, Marie Shine writing online
a poem that burns into the history of poetry

lines that never were, who can say how?
but oh are so indelibly bright o, now.

mary angela douglas 4 april 2016

P.S. The poem Night Rainbows can be found under the poet Marie Shine's name (just enter in the browser box and you will find it) at the poetry site I didn't quote it here so that you can find it yourself like a surprise rainbow tied up in a silver package and so that you will look at her other poems perhaps. Very simple elegant lyrics that shine with sheer honesty. rare in poetry these days. I think.