Saturday, July 02, 2016

We Once Heard What Cannot Be Unlearned

we built little kingdoms in the snow;
in clover beds
in piles of the red and gold

october's treasures and leafmold;
in fern imprinted rocks piled up
to make a house a home

for wayward dolls.
we heeded the trumpet calls from elfin lands
and stinted not their amethyst echoes

flying in the afternoons of summer's berried largesse
and in our dress up modes
we played all the roles

in ballet too, and tutus, rhinestoned tiaras
glinting like the crown jewels we pasted into albums.
we sang in harmonies Christmas tide or out

and ate all the candy that we bought
in one full swoop
or read new paperbacks gathered from book fairs

in our fair schools on the backyard stoop
until the weather turned so cool our
Grandmother said

it's time to come inside now, girls.
it's time to come inside
I thought as well

so many years gone by;
to sit by the fire like jane eyre
after a rain drenched spell

and compare notes,
each to each
in pale green spidery writing still;

reaching out
to what is never lost
and easily found

in an evening's drouse
and with the piano notes tinkling
like ancient fairy story fountains

we once heard
and never unlearned.

mary angela douglas 2 july 2016