Saturday, July 02, 2016

You're The One That Wanted To Fly Out The Window

for my sister

I am the Door [Jesus Christ]

you're the one that wanted to fly out the window
from the top bunk bed
and when you fell out of bed instead

I asked you, in the interest of science,
"Was it fun?"
no, you said in a muffled eeyore tongue

but you know, you did survive the free fall;
colour chalk it up to our imaginations
that God had that kind of mercy then

although we always knew that He was kind
for making the roses grow in our backyard
and keeping the bees away from us.

and making the homework not too hard
whenever we remembered to pray about it.
can't you pray that now?

I wonder softly to myself
now that you're in a grown up distress
and we are both much farther from home

than we would care to confess

unless home is in reverse
like in a mirror. you know
and what appeared behind us

suddenly is Before us as in
Christmas before snow;
as in angels: we adore You

Christ the Lord, the very name

and with a lovely, open
Door and the front porch light the same.

mary angela douglas 2 july 2016