Thursday, August 04, 2016

How Would It Be On The Balcony

how would it be on the balcony
in the moonlight of some other
century's poetry

sometimes you wondered
in the glare of the early morning sun
adjusting the miniblinds

in your efficiency

apartment with the
books piled on the floor
with not much time before

your winter trek to the bus
or summer's humid hike with the
picnic ants lounging at home;

showing up through the floorboards

even when there's no picnic.
imagine it:
writing green verses

with a florid pen
Imagination's very best friend
or confidante I guess would be

the word
or playing the pianoforte
for the party

in the great salon
for patrons "richer than Croesus"
grandmother said

when we were little.
(who is Croesus we wondered)
come on,said someone practical

tapping a shoe inside your head:
let's get this
show on the road.

and you turn ruefully back
from reveries
to cold coffee and toast.

mary angela douglas 4 august 2016