Thursday, August 04, 2016

The Poet Dreams Of Pies

the poem a la mode
o, the cherries jubilee
the lattice work of pies

comprise his dreams or hers
the cat that purrs notwithstanding
and the sonnet, the new bonnet

trimmed with tea roses, orchid

skies, apartment wise, fresh
wallpaper, stenciled with
galaxies, the galahad

sighs, oh chocolate ice box...
on a summers day, how do you
say lemon chiffon in

the language of same old thing
for lunch and dinner
hard as shoe leather

pink galoshes in bad weather

oh for a tartlet and the peaches
spilling out on the plate
sheer buttery soaked and

a new overcoat trimmed in
more than metaphors
a parquet floor

a tiffany lamp
and not this damp
coming in at the windows

in all seasons
let there be gelato in the parks
and finches golden in the air

nobody staring at my shoes in disrepair
when I'm in the
mist and the apples frosted in the bowl

with the nectarines the proverbial

plums form the centerpiece
but I'll sleep better
from puddings thick with figs, not figments;

the bookcase painted

mary angela douglas 4 august 2016