Thursday, December 22, 2016

American Gadgets And Whirligigs

to my Grandfather, Milton B. Young

American gadgets and whirligigs
and furbelows made of crepe de chine
and gizmos and hairpins and things that

spin in flashing colors
and papers with pins
and old timey churning

and soda shop yearning and

ice cream freezers and hand turning
everything, whizzers and wheezers
accordion pleated or flatiron

trim and packaged so neatly
remember when
you felt so much hope at the five and dime

collecting the wonders
that saved you time
american gadgets I love from the heart

and so did my Grandpa
and nautical charts and railroad reminders
and diamond finders

and Christmas orange rinders
and kept in a drawer with
inventive folklore

along with the stamps and
the radiant lamps
the arc of the past

making it last.
and ten times as fast!

mary angela douglas 22 december 2016