Friday, December 23, 2016


I want to go to the land of pink museums
where they serve pink punch or lemonade
and we wear frocks with roses emblazoned on

them, a dab of carnation perfume
and carry bouquets of, you guessed it, pinks
and don't you think

the exhibits would stand out
and we would have clout
if the whole earth were pink

and face it, the best candy ever
is pink divinity
tinted with cherry juice

whose are these
if you please with a cherry on top
murmured Cinderella

said the snippy stepsister in the fairy tale
holding up a pair of pink pompom shoes for daywear
just then the councilor came through

with the pink sapphire slipper on a pinker pillow
and Cinderella from a fuschia apron pocket
plucked the other one

and now my pink story is done
and frosted..

mary angela douglas 23 december 2016