Saturday, December 24, 2016

No Harm To Thee, Andrew Marvell

no harm should come to Andrew Marvell
and his green garden I vowed in my sleep
but no one heeded me.

still drifting ever onward into
the castle keep of the green words sown
no harm to thee, Andrew Marvell

though it is dethroned you are
among the poet kings on earth
let the angels sing and

do the hedgerow angels ring
invisibly as before the flowers
bloom from the april hedges oncemore


men and angels falling from your ledges
stop midair at wonders everywhere.
and words, green worlds glistening

amid the strife.come back, oh please
come back to life.
no harm should come to Andrew Marvell

in all his green garden

sowing the words of life,
pure life.
come down to us

come down to us
I am mystified
beyond belief

in these kingdoms of the deaf,
take this small rose.

mary angela douglas 24 december 2016