Saturday, December 24, 2016

Other People's Christmases

other people's Christmases seem somehow better,
all aglow,
while you're at home in later life  with the shreds of

rewrapped wrappings and it's cold unless
you remember to turn up the heat,
eat something sweet a little

desultorily or watch It's a Wonderful Life on tv
though you already have the dvd
all year long.

what will it take
to make the sugar plum shimmer
grow a little less dimmer

you carol alone
and no sudden movie snow comes down
on cue.

well it's in you
the Christmas capability of making do
with the Christmas you've got

which when you think of it
is exactly what Mary and Joseph did
so far from home

all on their own

until the Christmas angels came
and lit up the skies
as if it were day.and daylight

for the whole world.

mary angela douglas 24 december 2016