Saturday, December 24, 2016

There's A Golden Thread Through It All

there's a golden thread through it all
was said to me once in a dream
and if you pull it, the whole

fabric of darkness
will come unraveled so that
only the starlight will remain.

and I was on a windswept plain
and couldn't hear the befores and afters 
of what was said or even if music

solved it, after all.
the one thing I wanted to hear
was what do I do now

explained.and it came to me partially
find the golden thread you are winding
the golden thread asleep or awake and

even just yesterday I thought I heard

you are following like a migratory bird
and then I woke up looking around and dazed,
eclipsing the sound

yet no longer fugitive

mary angela douglas 24 december 2016