Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Kind Ghosts

kind ghosts beckon from the gathering blue
or leave behind a crystal shoe
valentine cakes all frosted pink

no Valentine in sight

treasures from the very brink
of sadness melting into dew and overnight,
kind ghosts gather in the deepening blue

when all the shadows
knew you knew
the day was fleeting

so were you
the kite string with its thread of gold,
let go

on a day when the wind was still.
kind ghosts.
will they find your lost jewels

a day in school you missed
being home with a fever
your tryst with antique volumes

illustrated by the Beautiful itself
suddenly falling from behind the shelf
and in plain view...love in a mist

odd recipes, blueprints uncovered
worlds of the once upons discovered
filed out of place

when you were new.

mary angela douglas 13 december 2016