Tuesday, December 13, 2016


now you will be afraid, the committee droned
underneath my dream not even out from
behind the woodwork or the old t.v.

they drizzled on.
you will be afraid and we
will not tell you why

at least, not at this time
but leave you with a vague,
a sorrowful surmise

and a mist will settle on you
pervading old clothes.
a klieg light selected

for this purpose
you have been selected
for this purpose

but in the murk
Arise I heard Christ's beacon speak

inscribing light itself with more intricate light
and banish out of sight
beyond the camera's range

the jerks,
the whisperers, all.

you will take flight, committee,
from the green of my dream.
it's you that have much to fear

whispering in the ears of angels:
the reasons not to be glad.

mary angela douglas 13 december 2016