Saturday, February 11, 2017

Snow Moon, Comet, And Gold Ellipse

the side show shadows o my heart recede
the snow moon falters and you shift
in dreams, kicking the taffeta covers

while comets bead the grass unseen.

and you wake up from childish songs
spinning on an old machine and scattering
the papers of pins milk diamonding on

the floor or the orange and lemons ringing
from the steepled befores
and the snow moon sighs

and the comet speeds
and the cloud folds lavender,
the backyard grasses bead

and you'll wake up
when the briars part
and the red rose shows

the bride doll heart
the snow moon valentine
almost come to rest

above the tinseled roof you loved the best

and the blessed blue winds in the rhymes o.
and the room forsaken and the border of gold 
and the hushed fears scolded,

the world gone apple green cold.

mary angela douglas 11 february 2017