Wednesday, February 08, 2017

The History Of Snow

were we the readers of the history of snow
the history of melting
or of letting go

or having that much
farther to go
snow blind, we read on.

and winters accumulated
our faces worn quite through
with all the endless snowing

that we knew
that we trudged through
warming our hands at the fireplace

of the old stories,
the ones where you come in out of the rain
to take your tea and toast

not wanting to leave again

or quiet refreshment from the holy ghost
and somewhere in the castle
in a room you loved the most all tucked away

you find the books that say that said from childhood
what you longed to say
the ones where it is suddenly made plain

that you are reading in the blizzard too
of your own life
and will melt soon

and your true Spring, resume.

mary angela douglas 9 february 2017