Friday, March 24, 2017

A Poem For Peeps

In Peepland there is nary a peep
from the Easter grass covered hills
but everywhere marshmallow bunnies

that cannot sleep 
kept awake by their own pastels
frequent peep dells

and harbor the insistently yellow chicks.
time ticks slowly in Peepland where
nothing ever gets stale.

beyond the vale of Easterdom I see them
peeps everywhere in every shade
a little startled in their expression

stamped out for their fate and knowing it is late

in Peep Eden marshmallow made
too big to hide behind the jelly beans,
they will never fade

into their own Easter parades
matching the satin ribbons on the baskets

too late for tisket or tasket
after Easter meetin'
waiting staunchly to be eaten.

mary angela douglas 24 march 2017