Saturday, March 25, 2017

On The Jeweled Road Home Or The Ruby Glass Found

the definitive the ruby glass shining suns
the ruby slippered days we've
counted off one by one to

the rockets gleaming
and the popsicle banded tricolor
floats grand standed ice creamed handed round

look we are still the same
even while stranded sans our party frocks
at the castle gates they've locked

through the looking glass beveled edge
we pirouette and wait even while

old chandeliers cast crystal tears
for what is fixed immutable
what can no longer sing.

oh let the coloured fountains weep
for the Christmases that sleep
I will bring sprigs of holly

evergreen secrets to the forest pools
and see the reflections that we used to...
princesses in disguise reprise

let the dimpled waters sing

bring light refreshments
for the journey is long
in the rose velvet cape

let the basket fill
with its sugar lumps, pats of butter
choclative eclairs

the jams of a thousand thousand berries

and the fresh caught cod.
we'll still make merry
on the jeweled road home to God.

mary angela douglas 25 march 2017