Thursday, March 09, 2017

If The Apple Blossom, The Cherry Or The Plum

if the apple blossom, the cherry or the plum
were pink or white or peach or any such colour
perhaps we did not know in the beginning

only beginning to sense the lavishness
and in amaze that God put flowers on the trees
and that the wind took them away

so that they scattered at our feet
and we were the flower girls then and twirled
ourselves soft petals in the winds

and this was april, sometimes march
very rarely may but anyway spring
and we could spell all the pastels

the colour green and break off into singing
anything we were so glad to live in the world with flowers
to feel ourselves flowerlike

the honor of this,  to dream we were the
bridesmaids of Song
we longed for o our whole lives long.

mary angela douglas 9 march 2017