Tuesday, March 07, 2017

On Beautiful Imagination

we were half in love with beautiful imagination
turning the clouds to stallions we were on our way:
the straw straw moments into gold on heavy days

transformed in colourful displays.

in great weariness of soul we slipped away:
there was beautiful imagination
a cherished fountain flowing

a glory fold on fold of the richest fabric made
and in the heat, the deprivation
we stooped in a fairy tale shade

and all was green again
and cool and cooling
and we were saved

becasue of beautiful imagination.
in unrelenting hunger
or facing the doors slammed like thunder

carrying nothing in our hands
but the luggage of dreams
oh seam on seam I would stitch

our souls together in one phrase
turning aside the evil ways
it's beautiful imagination

and the day full of diamonds again
the way God called it by, just yesterday,
our own jeweled names.

mary angela douglas 7 march 2017