Monday, March 20, 2017

Queens Of The May

the tinfoil treasures of the candy wrapper eras...
skimming the surface of the summers
we read on

in paperback palaces of our own devising
old costume jewelry pirating away
or home with t.v. gingerale 

cherry cough dropping and lollipoping the precious 
respites from school, and dubious carnivals
and the P.T.A.

how can we regret the time we

dreamed away all coconut cake and cherried
we made merry
when riches were any home spent day

the backyard leaves the meteors fluttering

down, the five and dime town, the breath of iris and
the moon for free and Grandmother's pearls
the Christmas necklaces of the stars

and the attic decorations displayed
how everygreen and always
peppermint striped and threaded with fairy slipper

bells ah fabric of the early spring skies all
pale blue moire
the color we wanted to dance in

with a thousand petticoat clouds o
queens of the May.

mary angela douglas 20 march 2017