Monday, March 20, 2017

Some Things I Wanted To Ask Him (Meaning, God)

how did it come to You to make glow in the dark stars
or pick the fantastic wall paper, ceiling too for earth
so marbelizing blue and green

so that little children everywhere
were happy under the tree roofs branching
and wrote in the dust your diamond name

with sticks and outlined their playhouse outside
with the innate moonlight of your milky quartz
oh blue jay feather falling farther from me

than childhood I loved you as Rilke
his peacock feather.
and do You send your sunset messages to everyone

and if you do
why does it feel do I feel oh every time
and for the longest time

with the rose the violet the tangerine

unfolding in late afternoon's skies
that only this letter
is meant for me?

mary angela douglas 20 march 2017