Sunday, April 30, 2017

Home Schooling Wasn't In the Rule Book Back Then

we could have stayed home
and worked on the history of toys.
it certainly would have been

better than some days I remember
in the droning cafeterias
with the tater tots and

the fried something or others;
hot as firecrackers on the
May playgrounds

far from the sprinkler at home where
we would have been having lemonade
about this time we dreamed

or fizzies under the shade trees
that we made ourselves so cherrilly, 
that's cherry flavored, in case you wondered

or doing our homework on the magic slates
with the red rubber pencils

where all the results just disappear
when you lift the plastic sheet
ready to begin again inside in case of thunder

whatever your heart chooses.
and we could have been at home
with Grandmother all the day

and learned even more on the pianoforte
and watched the mailman come
loaded down with Life and Look

and the Reader's Digest Latest Condensed Book
and learned at our ease
whatever we pleased.

flashcard fractions, or the latest in hats
veiled in the purple lidded hatboxes
on Grandmother's top shelf.

where we would have helped ourselves
once her piano students clamoured in
or danced in our velvet flats through the whole

house universe or sat forever
watching the clouds, the rose petals fall
the snows, the rains beyond our family window panes.

I think I would have liked that.

mary angela douglas 30 april 2017