Saturday, April 29, 2017

These Transcendent Qualities

these transcendent qualities
in late afternoon skies
can cause the heart to break

into song, quietly inordinate sighs;
abet the tear streaked child
in the wilderness of school

in the unruly crowd past noons remembered
as if they were wounds.
there are the colours picked for you

by attending angels or your mother:
the clouds like a code that
only you can read, discover

the sudden breeze
and the lifting of your load
perennially hard to bear;

the deeper green in the greening shade
where you wait for the closing bells oh everywhere
and there the angelic whispers swell

for you for you in a hidden dell
where the violets riot and the wishing wells
beckon you beckon you

to believe
there is a way out within you
and it is glistening.

mary angela douglas 29 april 2017