Monday, May 08, 2017

Arriving On The Same Day You Are Going

and there's you thinking they will come out in silver to meet you
and the little bells ringing through the chill air
as though you had arrived in a shower of gold

proclaiming it is Christmas, everywhere.
time to shut the factories down then
to feast at the table with perfection's apple pies

and the lemon chiffon subtleties reprised;
the raspberry meringues.
the surprise of everyone remembering,

with their: aren't you glad you came.

you have the tang of apples almost in your speech
you imagine you imagine they will say
and welcome to our clime why don't you stay

where the trains still run on time
but the afternoon ticks by and so
you have put away the gift wrappings of it

finding nothing inside.
a few buildings you remember.
the way the tall grass leans in the wind

a sprinkling of stars oh then a something in you cries.
you thought they would come out in silver.
you thought they would be your friends.

mary angela douglas 8 may 2017