Sunday, May 07, 2017

Singing The Tempera Blues

wearing red velvet with a pale green sash
and eating red velvet cake
and drinking from ruby glass

a punch all pomegranate starred
can you imagine the Christmas Card
that would make

better than the MET ones boxed
and frescoed past all glory
except for the Story

exceeding all that shines
or you could be a Valentine
in the same outfit

you wore at the Christmas ball
in the same garnet flats
and skirt of chiffon

as if you were made of clouds
and dreamed upon you will stage each scene
though in reality's paltry scheme

it won't quite come out that way
like a photograph through the haze recalled
the way the teacher stared at you

when you said you wanted a costume made of silver
and she glared
it's only an assembly about water safety

so you went on stage in a box
painted tempera blue.

mary angela douglas 7 may 2017