Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Far To Go

the shadow sewn dream handstitched with little stars
worn in the twilight mind I have come to know
dusk following dusk and the blueness settling in

and the thin silver crust of what was once the moon
and shall be again I have noted as a bird call
among the birds of silver heard through watercolour clouds.

how will I fasten and where
the last words of my heart to the Unseen
seen or almost seen

from this earth wherever beauty breaks out again.
God is always near and those who went before
though in vanished and vanishing colors

all that I survey melts as snows into the atmosphere
and is a far flung cry from sphere to sphere
crowned among angels where I cannot hear

but only surmise
star showers notwithstanding
crimson deep the showers of rose

still I have far to go.

mary angela douglas 30 may 2017