Sunday, June 04, 2017

We Savor Green Apple Candies

we savor green apple candies slowly
pretending we own the world
and dress up playing, we're dressed

for the occasion
in some garden party frocks
5 sizes too big that trail on the ground

their splashy flowers
so that the backyard flowers grow confused
and the sparkling winds pass through us

as though they too are new
and understand us
in all our bazooka comic bubble gum

conniptions our Tinker Toy serious constructions
the way we cherish our dolls
down to each separate eyelash.

why do I remember this

as though it were paint not yet dried
on the porch railing of dreams
the summer clouds scudding

in the lake of the sky
and the books as yet, unread
and endlessly rsvp'd.

mary angela douglas 4 june 2017