Monday, May 15, 2017

Let There Be Light He Said

let there be light He said
the king of shadows fled
the rose of the sky came open

far above our dreaming heads
still men have wondered
past all generations' dread

when wlll the new world come
when we see face to face 
the fountains of His grace

and when all tears are brushed aside
and the tides all turned to gold.
in a snowflake moment when the Story's told

of how the darkness came to extinguish Him
while men in catacombs of lead prayed  gold
pure gold instead

though flayed alive and burned and ah alas

though spurned though spurned though spurned
bold lions are not fed by what in the soul remains
this we will claim though in hushed tones through the prison bars

we still remember who You are

and then the gates swing all ajar
and we take flight
the emblems of his heart alight

and the Rose of sorrow comes apart
the angels murmuring too
let light pure light 

descend from You
and ceaselessly.

mary angela douglas 15 may 2017