Tuesday, May 16, 2017

The Poets Neglected Who Gave Their Lives For Words

words with no music they lamented
and so their words grew wings
and so they conjured the stone

into a heart
and pulled from their deserts, springs
buried in pauper's graves or cut down

by false revolution's knaves or at a tyrant's word
how the world would be missing
without them. the secret world

they saved from perishing.
and did they beg for bread
and did their blood turn to ink instead

in the last chapters
to the ink they wrote in having no other left
on a tablet of cloud and derelict

despised in the public squares
did no one sigh for them but merely
account them fools for singing?

too many times fallen on hard times,
swords of paper gilded to the hilt

I weep for their passing
that the glad world
did not greet them always

nor did it understand
they were angelic couriers
sent to bind our wounds

while themselves wounded
unto death,
unto the last breath transcribed.

mary angela douglas 16 may 2017