Monday, July 10, 2017

God Save Us From The Surreptitious

God save us from the surreptitious wounding
of those aiming from the half lights
who cannot decide between shadow and sun,

which disguise to put on.
and you in the rosepetaled dawn
leaning out from your tower

your heart full of birdsong

expectant of hours
cannot begin to know
what waits for you

and the highway robberies to ensue.
you dressed in gold from crown
to tip of satin cased shoe

the fairy tale having given you your due
after woe filled hours,
still may encounter them

butter dripping from their chins
and weasley at the feasts
with their sleight of hand

the cutthroat words at their command
sotto voce;

the endlessly snipping tailors,
instigators of the picnic showers;
take cover with the flowers

and cover yourself in the dews.
they are looking for you.

mary angela douglas 10 july 2017