Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Let Us Imagine The Flowery Fields

let us imagine the flowery fields
where heraldic knights locked in combat
cannot lose their lives.

the air scented with lavender
with lily as with rose
and the skies you'll suppose

full of the peach tinged
and the aquamarine clouds
of our storybooks' once upon.

and there is the knight in gold mail
the one destined to assail the crystal mountain

and there, the crystalline princess weeping

her tears suspended.in a freeze frame sigh
her one tear more a prize than all teardrop diamonds
can comprise

and all the riddles wrung from Heaven
granting each one, an answer
each one a favor to take home

to remember the best of parties
and the parfait perfect sunset's glow
reflecting all we knew back then

and all we want to know now.

mary angela douglas 4 july 2017