Monday, July 03, 2017

On The Novels Of Kazuo Ishiguro

a door opens in a mist do you remember this
fading into brightness
coronas of the sun

corollas of the flower the flowering
narrative of a life as seen from within
petal by petal unfolding

the small miseries revealed
the thread is pulled by the child
of the Christmas cracker and the

ancient bells revealed tolling
where the mysteries are buried
we will tread lightly there

a magician of the air and of
the forgotten seas
do you remember these

it isn't reading then
it isn't even writing this
inscription of a soul

each time concealed
then brought to light,
as it were, something

you felt yourself so long ago
but could never put your finger on
at the time with whimsical asides

the ring of silence broken open

the ore of truth so gold so golden
the light the arc of it
on the rim of things

not your own
or are they
star to star concealed

brought forth revealed
the door in the mist swings open
into endless nativities

we are reborn.

mary angela douglas 3 july 2017