Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Shine, Like Emeralds

reconfiguring the history of song:
the bluebird caught, the dimestore ribbons streamed
in attic valentines the sheen of snow

from the opalescent post card, long ago,
the dollhouse vignettes
the mignonette in the garden

the arias strung like pearls
raindrop falling one by one

unstrung into the heart
that art
and our costume diamonds

delighting at playtime us,
the rhinestone thrilled
the whippoorwills in the backyard

my Grandfather called to his hand
on a green strand

the one we knew
where the heart comes shining through
in Disneyland

in the pink and blue castle
just over the ridge
we see in stereoscope

from our back steps
where even the dusk lit midges
shine like emeralds

mary angela douglas 18 july 2017