Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Things I Found In The Attic

the things I found in the attic:
windows looking onto rain
the come agains I did not

hear on earth
certificates of birth
for dreams made real

old orange peels, water colour sets
salt water taffy regrets
and Christmas candied.


when younger, youngest
following the magi hours
and ivory towers

too myriad to name
and pristine as the day
and trunks of fairy costumes,

garnets made for Play
and the necklace of the
sun and moon shining altogether

in the same sky.

Spring weather

fine roses embroidered on the lawns
and all the once upons that ever could be
in metahistories of sighs

the shot through the heart sweet valentines
on heavy cardboard kept
old nosegays bewept

or pressed in books
the hand imprinted in plaster
and the baby lock of hair

the everywhere
we used to blow soap bubbles through
with plastic dimestore wands

mimeographed Songs

and Magic that had come unglued
what a project that would make
on some rainy day

to glue it all back together
the way it was
and the treasure spilling out the door

of all of our befores.
dressed in blue
and opalescent taffetas.

mary angela douglas 22 july 2017