Saturday, July 22, 2017

Wondrous, Yet To Appear

on and on into the forevers
and the creme cloud on clouds
out topping each other

as if for sunset parfaits
fruit cocktail days

shouldn't we be inclined
to dream

even while dusting poorly
the furniture
causing the pot to boil

over and it not the magic
one in the folktale
that boils all on its own

miraculous porridge
that never runs out
or over.

step lightly through the grasses
through purple clover
the way you came once

when all flowers were wild to you

and had beautiful names
you could not tame
then clouds were syllables

floating away
escaping during the spelling bees
and the bees spelled out in gold

in the far meadows,
we love you flowers
so that you may have honey

on your toast all winter long.

and winter was longing too then
for the Christ child rimmed in white
and gold in the cathedrals with their

chimes and we strained our eyes
through the windows onto 
our backyard astronomy

to see the stained glass angels again appearing

would we have been wiser
counting with the world
to believe all that was long ago

and not oh not to feel sang
all my dears

that all that starlight was 
God's glittering giftwrap still
enveloping something wondrous

yet, to appear.

mary angela douglas 22 july 2017